Webcasting – The Business Tool You Can’t Live Without

Why Webcasting is the business tool you can’t live without

Home businesses are changing. New business tools are creating new home business opportunities, and none more than webcasting. Webcasting has the power to transform your business.

I know you have heard it before: business tools that worked yesterday are obsolete today. If you are involved in network marketing, internet marketing, or any other online home business, you know it’s true. This is not to say that you must abandon current practices, just that you can improve them using new business tools.

The biggest change in 2012 will be the increased use of webcasting to grow your business. Webcasting has been around for a while, but it has been expensive and too complex for many home businesses. All that has changed now.

Yesterday (January 23, 2012) GVO launched their price-smashing webcasting product, MeetCheap, as a new home business opportunity. Before looking into that, though, let’s consider why you might want to look at webcasting as a business tool. What would you use it for?

Why Webcasting?

Webcasting is a way of getting in front of a large number of people at minimum cost to you and them. Once you have the service, all you are investing is time, and you’re investing that more efficiently than almost any other way. Webcasting gives your prospects an opportunity to know, like and trust you by seeing you and hearing you talk without traveling to a meeting.

When I was with a previous network marketing company our primary reach out method was to invite prospects to sales meetings. These took place at a venue that was more than an hour’s drive away from home for me. Most of the time, none of my prospects would show up at the meeting.

Now, with webcasting, I can hold the same meeting with a global reach. Nobody has to travel: this saves time and money for everyone. And I can email or phone with reminders right up to the last minute to let people know when the webcast is starting.


In addition to prospecting, webcasting is a wonderful business tool for training your team. GVO even has regular training webcasts that my team can attend on every subject from sales psychology to website design: six days a week there is at least one highly professional training webcast, and some days as many as three. To train your team, you can integrate your own webcasts with this schedule.

How to Webcast

Like any new business tool, there is something to learn. Fortunately, GVO has made webcasting so simple with MeetCheap that the learing curve is very short. You can start by simply webcasting a PowerPoint Presentation and graduate to videos and desktop sharing.

Mike Filsame Testimonial

What is in MeetCheap?

Here are a few of the main webcasting features. Some of these may not mean much at a first glance, but they are explained on a link I will give later.

Audio/Video Controllers

Enable or Disable web cam or microphone

Desktop Sharing

Moderator can display desktop to mambers


Converts and presents PowerPoint


Moderator can record full audio/video

1×4 Full Duplex

Moderator can bring in up to 3 other people in audio and video


Text message to/from guests


Lists all members present

Multiple Moderators

Create multiple moderators for live events

White Board

Draw on screen, sites, PowerPoints

Live Show

Live streaming video
To see the full list of 27 webcasting features and their explanation, go to http://gr8netbiz.com/7odl


Why MeetCheap?

I won’t go into all the reasons you should choose MeetCheap over other webcasting solutions, but I will invite you to at least take a look at it. I believe you will pleasantly surprised at:

  • the affordability
  • the reliability
  • the business opportunity.

Now, while you’re thinking about it, watch the 2-minute video and read the details about webcasting with MeetCheap at http://gr8netbiz.com/ksru and watch your business grow!

Top Marketers Use MeetCheap


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    There is a LIVE presentation of HostThenProfit and MeetCheap Tonight January 25th at 8pm Eastern time.

    Mark Call will be answering all your questions on How Hostthenprofit.com, Meetcheap.com and Viralwebcaster.com can build not only your GVO business, but any other business too!

    Join me there!

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