What Could Happen If Someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?

I don’t want to scare you but I want you to be aware of the reasons why you should
backup your WordPress blog, and even better protect it against someone getting access to
that site.  

I have just spent the best part of three weeks restoring my sites after five of them were
hacked.  You can read about that experience in my previous post.

Someone getting into your WordPress blog can delete anything that is there, can replace
it with something else, redirect it and in fact access every single file in that WordPress
site, sometimes other websites on the same server. That is why it’s really important to
keep people out and backup your site just in case something goes wrong.

Something that is very easy to do if someone gets into your WordPress blog is delete it.
There is in fact a plugin called Bulk Delete that can delete all plugins within that blog,
kind of a scary thought. But if you keep your blog backed up, then no one can really hurt
you, even if you just use something once per month or once per week.

Let’s say in the worst case you back up your site on a Monday, and someone gets into
your site and deletes it on a Friday, at least you have only lost the past five days of work.
You haven’t lost the past two years, if not more.

What is even scarier is that someone who gets into your WordPress site might replace it
with something else. Many terrorists, religious and activist groups have in fact used
hackers to gain entrance to weakly protected WordPress sites and replace it with their
own images and content.

What also might happen is someone might set up your site to redirect to a new site, or
display some ads. And even worse, if your site gets flagged as an attack site, as a problem
site other people will not be able to see it.

That is something that might happen, is if you load your WordPress site and it seems to
be redirecting to some far off place on the internet, it might have been hacked and you
should investigate that.

One of the scariest things about someone getting into your WordPress site is that they
will probably be able to get access to all files in your site using the using the file manager
plugin in WordPress. And even if you don’t have this file plugin installed, they can easily
install it from the WordPress dashboard. And depending on how your server is
configured, they might be able to see every single website and account on that server.
Kind of a scary thought.

If someone gets into your WordPress blog, it’s not just about them changing content or
redirecting to a new place, they now can see all your files, all your blogs, all your videos,
all of your information. And all this is a reason for you to lock down WordPress.

Use a hard to guess password and be very careful about where you log into your blog
from. And above all, backup your site, so just in case the worst happens you are still
protected and you can still get your stuff back.

Backup your WordPress blog so you can get your stuff back later at Backup Creator.


Published: March 11, 2012, 18:02 | 3 Comments on What Could Happen If Someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?
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3 responses to “What Could Happen If Someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?”

  1. alanjenkin says:

    I finally have all my sites cleared! It turns out that I had to restore from old backups because I had not saved any recent ones, but my hosting company had some fairly recent ones I could use.
    My intention now is to back up every time I post – once before and once after I publish – and keep a local copy of the backups as well as the online one.
    Backup Creator makes this easy!

  2. alanjenkin says:

    My main blog site is now restored successfully, so I posted an article on the Top Three Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog.
    You can see it at http://alanjenkin.com/myblog/top-ways-secure-wordpress-blog/

  3. Mike Huiwitz says:

    You need to change password stat!

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